How many questions are on the Coast Guard Navik?

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A total of 50 questions are asked in Indian Coast Guard Navik GD Section II.

How many questions are there in Coast Guard exam?

The duration of the test is 45 minutes and carries 60 questions. Indian Coast Guard exam pattern for Stage I is given below.

How many stages is the Coast Guard exam?

There are a total of four stages. Written, Physical Test, Medical Examination and Document Verification in the Indian Coast Guard Yantrik exam.

How do Indians prepare for Navik Coast Guard?

Indian Coast Guard Navik Preparation Tips 2023

Complete the entire syllabus, read each topic with equal importance. Make short notes for revision, keep revising the subjects or topics on regular interval to avoid forgetting them. Practice sample question papers online and from books as well.

What is the syllabus of Indian Coast Guard Navik?

The written examination of ICG Navik consists of the subjects viz. Physics, Basic Chemistry, Mathematics, Knowledge of English up to 12th standard, General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning, Current Affairs, etc. Check the Indian Coast Guard Navik Syllabus for Section I and Section II.

How many exams are there in Navik DB?

Written Examination, Physical Test, Medical Examination are the three stages of the selection process of the Indian Coast Guard Navik (DB) recruitment.

What is the salary of Coast Guard Navik?

What is an Indian Coast Guard officer’s annual salary? Ans. The Navik officer’s annual salary is INR 2,60,400, the Assistant commandants are INR 6,84,000, and Yantrik’s is INR 3,50,400.

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Is there is negative marking in Navik Gd?

Indian Coast Guard Navik GD Cut Off of section I and section II have to be cleared separately. The questions of both sections are objective type. There is no negative marking in any of the sections.

Is glasses allowed in Coast Guard?

a) Height- 157 cms minimum. (b) Weight – Proportionate to the height and weight + 10% acceptable. (d) Eye Sight – 6/36 6/36 – Uncorrected without glass. 6/6 6/6 – Corrected with glass.

Is Navik Gd is a good career?

Indian Coast Guard Navik GD can be promoted upto the rank of Pradhan Adhikari with pay scale Rs. 47600/- (Pay Level 8) with Dearness Allowance. Candidates joined as Navik (General Duty) can also be promoted as Officers but promotion to the Officer cadre is subject to suitability and performance of the cadets.

What is the age limit for the Coast Guard?

Age Limits for Enlisting

You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is: Coast Guard: 31. Marines: 28.

How many posts are in the Coast Guard?

The Indian Coast Guard is conducting the Stage I exam to fill up 322 vacancies of Navik (General Duty), Navik (Domestic Branch), and Yantrik posts for 02/2022 Batch.

Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2022: Application Fee.

Categories Application Fee
OBC Exempted
SC Exempted
ST Exempted
EWS Rs. 250/-

Does Coast Guard get pension?

There is no system of pension in CG after pension scheme was scrapped off after 1 January 2004.

Is Coast Guard a government job?

The Indian Coast Guard was formally established on 1 February 1977 by the Coast Guard Act, 1978 of the Parliament of India. It operates under the Ministry of Defence.

How many questions are there in Indian Coast Guard?

Indian Coast Guard Exam Pattern 2022 (Navik/Yantrik)

Name of Exam Details
Section 1 Maximum Marks: 60 Time allotted: 45 mins. Total no. of Questions: 60
Section 2 Maximum Marks: 50 Time allotted: 30 mins. Total no. of Questions: 50
Section 3 Maximum Marks: 50 Time allotted: 30 mins. Total no. of Questions: 50

Who is Navik DB?

Important Links. Indian Coast Guard is recruiting eligible candidates for the post of Navik (Domestic Branch) – 01/2023 Batch. The job requirement for the Navik DB is for the Cook and Steward. The recruited Navik (DB) will be paid as per the 7th Pay Commission including dearness allowance and other allowances.

What is difference between Navik Gd and Navik DB?

Naviks(GD) : Coast Guard provides excellent opportunity for young dynamic male candidates in General Duty branch for 10+2 entry. On joining you would specialize in various streams viz. Naviks( DB) : Candidates with 10th qualification can join Coast Guard in Domestic branch as Cooks and Stewards.

How do you prepare for the Coast Guard?

Physical Fitness

  1. 29 push-ups in 60 seconds.
  2. 38 sit-ups in 60 seconds.
  3. Run 1.5 miles in under 12:51.
  4. Sit and Reach 16.50″
  5. Complete a swim circuit.
  6. Tread water for 5 minutes.
  7. Jump off a 6-foot platform and swim 100 meters.

Can Coast Guard give ACC exam?

Navik in the Coast Guard can not apply for the ACC Entry, Only candidates having 2 years of experience in service from the Navy, Airforce, and Army can apply for ACC Entry Exam.

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How is life at Indian Coast Guard?

Life onboard a Coast Guard ship is engaging, adventurous and challenging. From saving human lives at sea and assisting fishermen in peril, to apprehending poachers and preserving marine biodiversity, job satisfaction comes easy to a “Coast Guardsman”.

How good is Indian Coast Guard?

The overall rating of Indian Coast Guard is 4.5, with Job Security being rated at the top and given a rating of 4.7. However, Work-Life balance is rated the lowest at 4.1.

Can you have tattoos in the Coast Guard?

Coast guard tattoos can involve hand tattooing but must be limited to one ring tattoo per hand, and this tattoo cannot extend past the first knuckle on the finger. No other tattoos or brands below the wrist are allowed. Under the current Coast Guard tattoo policy for officers, sleeves are allowed.

How long is Coast Guard basic training?

Boot camp is an eight-week long training session at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, NJ. Boot camp is tough, both mentally and physically! Its purpose is to prepare you for life in the Coast Guard.

What is the physical fitness test for the Coast Guard?

Coast Guard Basic PFT

Event Male Female
Push-ups (60 sec) 29 15
Sit-ups (60 sec) 38 32
Run (1.5 mile) 12:51 15.26
Sit and reach* 16.50 “ 19.29″

Is Coast Guard armed forces?

The Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard are the armed forces of the United States.

Can girl join Indian Coast Guard?

Women officers are appointed as Assistant Commandant in General Duty (GD) branch on Short Service Appointment for a period of 8 years. This tenure is further extendable up to 10 years and then up to 14 years. Age Limit: Female candidates between 21 to 25 years of age are eligible to apply.

How many hours do coast guards work?

The Coast Guard’s FWS program requires a full-time civilian employee or military member to meet a basic work requirement of eight work hours per day and 40 work hours per week, excluding meal breaks.

Is the Coast Guard better than the Navy?

In the battle of Navy vs. Coast Guard, the Navy wins the heavyweight title. The Navy boasts 325,000 active duty and 107,000 reserve sailors, while the Coast Guard has just over 40,000 active duty personnel and 7,600 reservists.

Is Coast Guard and Navy same?

Functions. The Indian Coast Guard patrols coastal waters, prevents smuggling activities, protects the marine ecology and biodiversity, apprehends poachers and assists fishermen. The Indian Navy also tackles sea pirates but is able to collaborate with naval forces of other nations.

What is the highest salary of Indian Coast Guard?

Indian Coast Guard Salary 2022: Overview

Level Level- 3,5
Pay Band PB-1 (5200 to 20200)
Minimum Salary Rs. 21,700/-
Maximum Salary Rs. 92,300/-

Who controls the Coast Guard?

It consists of approximately 35,000 officers and enlisted personnel, in addition to civilians. It is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security. In time of war, it functions as part of the U.S. Navy and is under the direction of the president.

Who is head of Coast Guard?

The current and 27th commandant is Admiral Linda L. Fagan, who assumed office on 1 June 2022.

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Commandant of the Coast Guard
Incumbent ADM Linda L. Fagan since 1 June 2022
United States Coast Guard
Type Service chief
Reports to Secretary of Homeland Security

What is the cutoff of Indian Coast Guard DB?

Indian Coast Guard Navik DB Cut Off 2021

Category Cut Off Passing Marks
UR 42 30
OBC 39 30
SC 35 27
ST 33 27

How many exams are there in Navik DB?

Written Examination, Physical Test, Medical Examination are the three stages of the selection process of the Indian Coast Guard Navik (DB) recruitment.

What is the salary of Coast Guard Navik?

What is an Indian Coast Guard officer’s annual salary? Ans. The Navik officer’s annual salary is INR 2,60,400, the Assistant commandants are INR 6,84,000, and Yantrik’s is INR 3,50,400.

What is the highest rank in Coast Guard?

The rank of admiral (or full admiral, or four-star admiral) is the highest rank in the U.S. Coast Guard. It ranks above vice admiral (three-star admiral) and below Fleet Admiral (five-star admiral).

What are Coast Guard officers called?

Coast Guard ranks for officers are split into two tiers: officer and admiral. Commissioned Coast Guard officers do not enlist. They serve indefinitely at the pleasure of the president of the United States.

How can I prepare for Navik DB exam?

Best Navik DB Exam Preparation Strategy:

  1. Go through the entire syllabus and exam pattern before you start your preparation.
  2. Secondly, start studying from day 1 to avoid mental stress while the exams are near.
  3. Make a time table so that you can manage everything related to your daily life.

What are the ranks in Indian Coast Guard?

Rank Structure – Officers

  • Deputy Inspector General. Pay Level 13A.
  • Deputy Inspector General. Pay Level 13A.
  • Commandant. Pay level 13.

What is the age limit of Coast Guard?

As per the official notification, the Indian Coast Guard age limit criteria are set for all candidates. Candidates must be born between 01 May 2001 to 30 April 2005 (both dates inclusive) and should be 18-22 years of age. Relaxation of 5 years for SC/ST candidates and 3 years for OBC candidates is also provided.

How many times a year is Coast Guard exam conducted?

Indian Coast Guard Highlights 2022

Particulars Details
Name of the Exam Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2022
Name of the Organization Indian Coast Guard (ICG)
Exam Level National
Frequency Annually

How can I join Indian Coast Guard?

The Male candidates are invited to apply online by visiting the website till the last date. The application fee for the Indian Coast Guard Navik Recruitment is INR 250/-.

What is the biggest Coast Guard base?

Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak is an Air Station of the United States Coast Guard located in Kodiak, Alaska. It is the largest in the service’s Pacific Area, with a crew of 85 officers and 517 enlisted personnel, and the largest Coast Guard Base in terms of physical size at 23,000 acres.

Why the Coast Guard is the best?

It has built a reputation of being an efficient branch by doing more with less personnel. This makes it one of the most cost-efficient branches of the United States Military. Its primary responsibility is to protect the U.S. shores and also help in rescue operations in high seas and coastal regions.